The Jamii Power mandate is to provide conventional 230V AC electricity to isolated rural communities through the use of smart mini-grid systems that powered by renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, biomass and hydro.  We aim to secure Africa’s future by alleviating poverty and improving quality of life through rural electrification.

Our Goals

Electricity Supply

Aid in the expansion of conventional grid-based electricity to isolated rural communities through an affordable modern renewable energy service that is clean, safe and sustainable.

Capacity Building

Develop community-based strategies that utilize electricity as the means to generate local revenue, create new businesses and in turn improve the standard of living.

Holistic Development

Create a holistic approach to rural development by fostering strategic partnerships between the host communities, local government, local businesses and other institutions.

Institutional Support

Facilitate access to modern learning technologies (education) and improved health services in local community institutions through access to electricity.

Ethnical Engagement

Create an ethical framework through which Jamii Power can interact with rural communities in order to create local ownership of its community power model.

Water Supply

Facilitate access to clean water supply for drinking, sanitation and irrigation through the use of community based electrical pumping systems.